Debate: Presidential Debate on 10/30/2008


This past Thursday the Philodemic Society debated which of the two frontrunners in the Presidential election race, Barack Obama or John McCain, ought to be the next president of the United States.  The Keynoters set the stage for a great debate. Mr. Nick Greenough reminded the Society how important education is to the future of the United States, and why Obama’s plan for America’s education system would bring needed funding and attention to many of America’s underperforming schools.  Mr. Dustin Walker, speaking on behalf of McCain, offered a challenge to the Obama supporters, asking them to provide substantive credentials proving Obama’s experience and bipartisanship. The Philodemic Society was proud to induct two new members during the debate, Mr. Eric Wind and Ms. Corina Kwami, who both impressed everyone with their talented displays of speaking.  Mr. Wind exclaimed that Obama’s popular support abroad would reignite support for America’s global image, while Ms. Kwami contended that America’s ideal of putting country first, a tradition which exhibited itself in men like John Adams, would be reflected in John McCain’s service to our nation.  The Society was extremely excited to have two eloquent new members selected to its ranks.

The beginning of the floor debate was rather heated, and both sides were determined to convince each other why their own candidate would make the better President of the United States.  For his efforts to defend Obama, Mr. Colin Judd was awarded the best floor speech on the Obama side by the keynoters. For his efforts on behalf of McCain, Chancellor Rugg was awarded best floor speech by the McCain keynoters and received best speech of the evening by the President. Having rounded out the debate with spectacular closing speeches from each of the four keynoters, the society divided the room to vote on the resolution.  It was determined by a vote of 32-30-1 that Barack Obama ought to be the next President of the United States of America.

Next week, the Society will debate whether The Great Gatsby is an indictment of the American dream.

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