The Officers of the Philodemic: President Mirco Haag

In our conclusion to the interviews that we begin during the summer, we’ve reserved our final interview for our very own dear President, Mirco Haag


Q: What do you think the Philodemic can expect in fall of 2008?

A: Many of the older members were abroad for part of the past year and it will be a real treat to welcome them back. Also, all of our fantastic new speakers will hopefully come back for another fantastic year. Having both experienced and talented developing speakers will events such as the Merrick debate (in the Spring) even more special. Spring semester began to more firmly institutionalize many activities and traditions that I think a lot of people are looking forward to, especially the Hamilton and Christmas Party. Hopefully our success from the past year will mean strong interest by new Hoyas. An expanded off-campus competitive program, in the vein of our tradition with UVA, will also be something to look forward to.
What challenges do you think the Philodemic will face this semester?

Q: Well, recruitment of new members is always important and obvious challenge of the fall semester. Maintaining a high level of debate is also central to who we are as a society. The less obvious challenge will be the maintenance of the society’s cohesiveness. A number of new members have been inducted, many are return from abroad and relatively few Philodemicians graduated this past May. The overarching challenge is then balancing recruitment against growing too quickly and losing our quality.

A: What do you like most about the Philodemic?

Q: The people, and how welcoming we try to be as a society. 
What’s your impression the previous Philodemic semester (spring 2008), how do you think it went?

A: Looking back, it was an incredibly successful semester. The Merrick Debate was a good time had by all with great speeches both by the keynoters and from the floor. We went to UVA as part of our ongoing plan to expand intercollegiate debate. Relationships with the University administration were strengthened. President’s Dinners became established, as did workshops to work on speaking techniques. Membership grew and became more established, all while allowing members a varied level of interest and involvement. 

Q: What debate topics or subjects do you want to see this semester?

A: I would like to see some more topical debates. While they’re harder for us to do because of how we choose topics, I think we do them well. Maybe a good Georgetown debate, but I can’t think of a good one at the moment.

Q: Who is the sexiest President of all time in the Philodemic

A: Without a doubt it has to be Chancellor Andrew Rugg.  His handsome good looks are dreamy. 

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