The Officers of the Philodemic Society: Daniel Rendleman

This week on the Philodemic blog, we continue with our officer interviews.  For this entry, we interview our beloved and perennial grand librarian.  The last question, by the way, was a real question asked.  Certainly not something that Dan inserted.  Certainly.

Q: What do you think the Philodemic can expect in fall of 2008?

A: Three things will occur: We’ll receive a rush of excited new freshmen, last year’s freshmen will return with a little more maturity and eloquence, and we’ll welcome back the wave of seniors that studied abroad last year.  I’m a gambling man, and I bet that’s going to make for some pretty fine debate if we can keep everything on topic.

Q:How do you view your officer positions?  What are you most exciting about doing?n5319795_34578896_1341

A: I am the Keeper of the Ancient Scrolls.  I look forward to digitizing those scrolls as well as purchasing new additions to the Philodemic Library with my new-found budget.  I’m still taking requests, by the way.

Q: What challenges do you think the Philodemic will face this semester?

A: Right off the bat we’re going to be pressed for space.  We were really pushing things last year and if the new crop of freshmen is even average in size we’ll have to be creative with how we set things up.

Q: What do you like most about the Philodemic?

A: Philodomecians, particularly when someone’s speech can get me to turn inward and rethink something I hold to be true.  Of course it doesn’t always change my mind, but when that happens I can look around the room and say, “This is a good debate.”

Q: What’s your impression the previous Philodemic semester (spring 2008), how do you think it went?

A: I think it was a semester of transition and growth.  I don’t mean that in the “It was terrible, please help us” fashion either.  Anyone who attended our Merrick Debate came away with the impression that this society is dedicated to quality debate (in defense of liberty).

Q: What debate topics or subjects do you want to see this semester?

A: Nothing that Matt Hipple suggests.  If he brings up “Empires of the Mind” again, there will be fisticuffs.  I am excited to handle the election, a little later on in the semester though.

Q: You know, Daniel, I’ve always secretly stared into your deep blue eyes and wondered how such a beautiful man was fashioned?

A:  Well, that’s not really a question, Andrew, but it’s true, I am stunning to look at.  Thanks for noticing!

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