The Officers of the Society: Brian Harbour

Brian Harbour
In eager anticipation of the upcoming fall 2008 Philodemic season, interviews have been conducted with the new officer corps.  This ongoing series of post will explore the opinions and personalities of the Philodemic leadership.
For this post, we interviewed Brian Harbour MSB ‘10, who is the current Treasurer of the Society.
Q: What do you think the Philodemic can expect in fall of 2008?

A: Hopefully plenty of good new blood and the inductions of some good
people from last year. I always like it when new people come and
become interested and involved. Also, of course many great members
will be returning from abroad.

Q: How do you view your officer positions?  What are you most exciting about doing?

A: Apparently I have to be symbol of organization, responsibility and
maturity…I´ll make sure I work on that. Of course fundraising and
keeping finances in order will be key for me, mainly so that we can
fund our increasingly extravagant events, which I am really looking
forward to.

Q: What challenges do you think the Philodemic will face this semester?

A: We´ll need to keep quality of debate up and promote cohesion among the
membership, as the society is now more diverse and larger than it has
been in the past. This is outstanding, but can make management more of
a challenge.

Q: What do you like most about the Philodemic?

A: The fact that it is more intellectual and entertaining (at the same
time) than anything else I´ve experienced at Georgetown. I hate
missing any Philodemic event. I also like Sarah Olsen´s passion for
event planning.

Q: What’s your impression the previous Philodemic semester (spring 2008), how
A: do you think it went?

Generally outstanding- I think we outdid ourselves with Merrick, and I
really enjoyed the growth, although things were challenging at times
without some senior members.

Q: What debate topics or subjects do you want to see this semester?

A: Something related to fiscal or economic policy (which would require
numbers!). It probably wont happen, but I keep trying. I tend to be
happy with most topics.

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