Focus on the Constitution: Inductee Report Clause

There’s a lot within the small Philodemic Constitution and By-Laws.  A lot that most members don’t even realize.  In seeking to explore the Constitution more fully, we’ve highlighted some interested passages.  Your comments and thoughts about these passages are, as always very welcome.

Article 2, section 2 of the Constitution states the following:

The Society may, at its discretion, ask prospective members to prepare a report on the history of the Society, or some similar topic to be presented. These projects will not be assigned to individual inductees, but the Society may rather decide that for a month, or a semester, all of those invited to join will be asked to prepare such a request. The prospective members’ mentor shall judge him on this project. (1999)

Most likely, it’s intention was not to single out individual inductee in having to write this report. But what do you think? Is such a report needed or useful?

2 thoughts on “Focus on the Constitution: Inductee Report Clause

  1. I think that such a report can be valuable in encouraging involvement in society, not to mention helping spread knowledge of long-lost Philodemic history. However, I worry that such a clause would make inducteeship very burdensome to the busy Georgetown student–not to mention invite association that the Philodemic is a fraternity and this constitutes its pledging process.

  2. I, too, think this could be useful in recovering a knowledge of the society’s history. Perhaps prospective members could go with their mentors and the librarian into our archives and take a look around. They could then prepare a short account of what they learned about Philodemic history.

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