The Officers of the Society: Sarah Olsen

In eager anticipation of the upcoming fall 2008 Philodemic season, interviews have been conducted with the new officer corps.  This ongoing series of post will explore the opinions and personalities of the Philodemic leadership.

For this post, we interviewed Sarah Olsen, COL ’09, who is the current Vice-President of the SocietySarah Olsen, Vice President of the Philodemic

Q: What do you think the Philodemic can expect in fall of 2008?

A: Hopefully some great debates.

Q:How do you view your officer positions?  What are you most exciting about doing?

A: I view my officer position as the “epitome of awesomeness”.  Seriously though, I’m most excited about fundraising, organizing events (including a back to school barbeque on of course the Christmas party), and doing my best to keep the debates on track.

Q: What challenges do you think the Philodemic will face this semester?

A: Reintergrating the old members into some new traditions that have been established and continuing to teach the old traditions to our newer and prospective members.

Q: What do you like most about the Philodemic?

A: Joe McReynolds

Q: What’s your impression the previous Philodemic semester (spring 2008), how do you think it went?

A: I thought the Merrick Debate couldn’t have gone better.  Our Merrick speakers were fantastic and the reception was the most fun I’ve had at Georgetown.
I think the debates during the semester lacked some of the fluidity and maturity that I had seen the spring before (2007).

Q: What debate topics or subjects do you want to see this semester?

A: Child molesters as it relates to the death penalty, women in combat, condoms on campus, marijuana legalization, gay marriage, and a lot more.

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