This Semester’s Debate

Below is a sampling of our resolutions from the spring semester. 

Resolved: That Abortion Should Remain Legal
Affirming: Joe McReynolds
Caroline D’Agati (Induction)
Negating: Alex Kolodin
Will Georgia (Induction)

Resolved: The Age of Nations has Passed
Affirming: Randy Drew
Negating: Asif Ahsan

Resolution: The American Political Tradition is Essentially Classically Liberal
Affirmation: Brian Harbour
Carolyn Kraemer (Induction)
Negating: Jeff Long
Jesse Whitfield (Induction)

Resolved: Gender is a Social Construct.
Affirming: Sarah Olsen
Negating: Lindsey Purdy

Resolved: Great Individuals are the Axis of History
Affirming: Matthew Hipple, Emmanuel Hampton (Induction
Negating: Mike Desnick, Matt Cantirino (Induction)

Resolved: Welfare is morally corrupting
Affirming – Tom Kelly, Will Downes (Induction)
Negating – Kelly Arledge, Dustin Walker (Induction)

Resolved: Hate Crimes Should Be a Distinct Legal Category.
Affirming: Sarah Olsen
Negating: James Unger