Why attend a debate?

The Philodemic Society has much to offer anyone who joins us for a Thursday night debate, be they current students, alumni, community members, family, or friends. By attending a debate you will be sure to feel like a part of something more, participate in an important dialogue, think outside of the box, learn from others, meet new people, and laugh a lot. Honestly, there’s nothing to lose and all the more to gain, so join us, Thursdays at 8pm, in The Philodemic Room, Healy 208. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

The Philodemic Society is Georgetown’s premier on-campus debate society and has been a Georgetown institution for over 175 years. The Society pursues “eloquence in the defense of liberty” by debating a variety of topics with a diverse range of perspectives.

We discuss eternal questions as well as contemporary issues and encourage you join us at a debate! At Philodemic, you will have the opportunity to share you thoughts and learn from your peers. With us, you can improve your public speaking skills, learn about important issues, and participate in a meaningful and relevant dialogue.

Becoming involved with the Philodemic Society is a wonderful way to meet students from across Georgetown University and the D.C. community. In addition to hosting weekly debates, the Society fosters close friendships through its gatherings outside of the debate room including post-debate fun at Martin’s Tavern and periodic events. The Philodemic Society is truly a unique place.

Please join us Thursdays from 8-10 pm in the Philodemic Room, Healy 208!


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